At Alver we believe that people deserve a solution to a better mind, in a better body by using resources that are kind to the planet.

We aim to create food products that fit easily into your everyday life, boosted with Golden Chlorella so that you don't have to worry about eating healthy and still enjoy delicious meals. It's the little plus that makes all the difference. They're tasty, they're good for you and for the planet.

Our innovation lies in our Golden Chlorella, a micro algae like no other. We took Chlorella, one of earth's most ancient life forms and made it easier for you to consume. No pills, no bright green strong smelling products. Our micro algae grows in the dark and goes through a natural fermentation process to become golden and subtle in taste while still bursting with life essential nutrients. It's one of the healthiest, tastiest and most sustainable source of protein and nutrients on the planet.

Alver aims to make it easily available to you, so you can eat in the smartest way possible.

Discover our pasta, soups, sauces on our website. Many more are yet to come.

Golden Chlorella
How to use Easy Protein
STEP 01:
1 teaspoon is equivalent to 10g, which has the same protein content as 1 egg, 200 ml of milk or 25g of steak
STEP 02:
We suggest adding the Golden Chlorella at the end of your food preparation and mix well to avoid clumping.
STEP 03:
Join our food evolution by sharing how Golden Chlorella has made your life better.
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Enjoy foods that do you good and are good for the planet!
Protein-rich Golden chlorella powder sold by Alver used in a meal

Packed with protein, fibers, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and omegas, all of which are vital for our metabolism. Chlorella strengthens your mind as well as your body and acts as a natural detox.

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Family enjoying a meal cooked with protein rich powder made with Golden Chlorella

We believe in great-tasting foods that are easy to prepare. Because of its beautiful golden colour and neutral taste, Golden Chlorella can simply be added to your everyday meals or check out our delicious recipes in our blog.

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Production is 100% natural requiring only water, a little sugar for fermentation and non-arable land.

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Alver’s co-founder & CEO at the 8th Algae Industry Summit in Vienna, 24-25th April 2018

Alver is a foodtech! As a key player in the algae industry, our co-founder and CEO, Mine Uran, will be talking about Alver’s progresses at the 8th Algae Industry Summit in Vienna on 25-26th April. Following the success of its previous editions, ACI’s 8th EAIS will explore the ongoing developments of the algae industry. With...
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Golden Chef event !

How to use Golden Chlorella? This is a question we are often asked! To show how easy it is, we organized a cooking workshop on January 25, in the presence of Alver Mine Uran, CEO. A dozen bloggers and bloggers joined us at the Bulthaup showroom. Nina, marketing manager Alver and Chef fot that night...
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