Overview of protein-rich foods made with Golden Chlorella micro-algae sold on Alver online shop
Gluten free biscuits made with golden chlorella micro-algae that are sold online
High protein and gluten free Cantuccini biscuits that contain golden chlorella

Cantuccini 75g

5.50 CHF

Made with Golden Chlorella.

This dry Italian style biscuit is the perfect energy protein boost to go with your coffee.

Alver Cantuccini biscuits contain 11% protein and are full of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

All Alver biscuits are gluten and lactose free.



Protein Cantuccini

Nutritional values of gluten free biscuits sold by Alver specialist of golden chlorella protein powder

Micro-algae Golden Chlorella, corn and rice flour, almonds, eggs, cane sugar, baking powder, salt.

Our bakery is produced and developed by a renowned pastry chef in Switzerland.



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