Gluten free biscuits for vegans made with golden chlorella rich in protein
Gluten free foods made with golden chlorella
Woman testing gluten free foods made with golden chlorella micro algae

Macaroons 50g

5.50 CHF

Made with Golden Chlorella.

These tasty macaroons are an easy energy packed snack.

Protein gives sustained energy and 1 packet of Alver macaroons is equivalent to eating 2 eggs worth of protein. These delicious macaroons are also rich in non-saturated fat and cholesterol free.

All Alver biscuits are gluten and lactose free.



Protein Macaroons

Table of nutritional values for gluten free foods made with golden chlorella and produced by Alver

Micro-algae Golden Chlorella, eggs, almonds, eggs, cane sugar, salt.

Our bakery is produced and developed by a renowned pastry chef in Switzerland.



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