Good for you and our planet

Golden Chlorella, A sustainable and innovative protein source.

While microalgae have been around for centuries it is only recently that individuals have discovered their true benefits. Algae are an ideal addition to a healthy diet due to their exceptional micro-nutritional values and high protein content, ideal for those striving for an animal protein-free diet.

Alver develops healthy and sustainable high-quality products made from the microalgae, Golden Chlorella.

Alver’s products are the ideal source of a complete vegan protein and are produced naturally and resourcefully. This is important to us because Alver stands for sustainable food production and food security for a growing population.

Did you know?

Less water is used during the production of Golden Chlorella® compared to beef.

Less arable land is used for Golden Chlorella compared to soy protein.

 Fewer CO2 Emissions compared to soy protein.

Microalgae – good for the body

Microalgae, specifically Alver Chlorella, are not only healthy but are an effective cleanser for the body. We recommend a regular detox routine, due to the harmful substances which accumulate in the human body over the years. By cleansing our bodies and flushing out toxins, they become more robust, more efficient, and more resistant to diseases.

At Alver we want to supply healthy nutrition for the ever-growing world population.

About us

We believe that only sustainable and nutritious foods can reduce the consumption of water and agricultural land in our modern food production systems- that’s why we rely on micro-algae, Golden Chlorella®. All our products are vegan, natural, and high in essential nutrients. These are the values that Alver represents and stands for.

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