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Enjoy delicious high protein foods for daily life with Golden Chlorella to boost your immunity and vitality

What is golden Chlorella?

Golden Chlorella is a superfood that consists of only one ingredient: the microalgae Golden Chlorella. Microalgae are single or double-cellular algae that have existed for several billion years and are therefore among the very first living organisms in the world. The microalgae are therefore the basis of our existence. This is why Golden Chlorella combines numerous important and healthy nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids. The sweet water alga has a natural golden colour and is almost tasteless. Therefore it can be easily integrated into almost every dish.

What can Golden Chlorella do for you?

  • A Zinc supply to support the immune system better
  • Broad spectrum of B vitamins to fortify and have more energy
  • Increased Vitamin E content for radiant skin
  • Contains Phosphorous, that promotes a healthy neuro system and maintains strong bones


Protein-rich Golden chlorella powder sold by Alver used in a meal


The rich nutrients of the micro algae can have a positive effect on the metabolism, the immune system, brain development, bones, eyes and skin.

Family enjoying a meal cooked with protein rich powder made with Golden Chlorella


Conventional algae products are usually greenish and have a distinct algae taste. Thanks to the neutral taste of Golden Chlorella, Superfood can be easily integrated into any menu.


Alternative, plant-based protein sources such as Golden Chlorella can be produced with few resources and therefore have a clear advantage over animal proteins.


Our Golden Chlorella is a true superfood and the ideal source of protein for all those who pay attention to a sustainable and healthy diet. Golden Chlorella consists of 30% protein and is therefore well ahead of conventional protein sources such as beef (25% protein content), fish (18%-29%) or eggs (13%).

However, Golden Chlorella is not only valuable because of its protein content. In addition to protein, the super alga is rich in important nutrients such as vitamins B1, B2 and B6, which have a strengthening effect and provide more energy. Golden Chlorella also has a natural wealth of minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium. The high proportion of zinc supports a healthy immune system and the phosphorus, which is also present, has a positive effect on the nervous system.

Micro algae are among the very first forms of life on earth and are already four billion years old. This is why Golden Chlorella combines more positive aspects from a nutritional point of view than many other foods. Golden Chlorella not only has a positive effect on the immune system and promotes brain development, bones, eyes and skin but also supports natural detoxification. This means that the algae help to remove heavy metals and harmful substances from the body.

Good news for people with allergies and food intolerances: The product is gluten, lactose, allergen and GMO-free.


Anyone who thinks of algae today usually has the deep green colour and a strong algae taste in mind. At Alver, thanks to the recent discovery of a special strain of algae and an innovative processing method, we have managed to produce a neutral-tasting, golden-coloured food – the Golden Chlorella.

We use a sustainable fermentation process, which is applied in a controlled environment during the development of our product. The result is a protein that is almost tasteless and can be easily integrated into any dish on a daily basis: Whether you want to enrich your morning smoothie with extra protein or supplement your family’s pasta dinner with important nutrients, Golden Chlorella easily meets these needs without compromising on taste.


The world population is growing steadily and with it the demand for food. The increasing consumption of meat and milk is one of the main causes of the ever rising CO2 emissions, excessive consumption of water and arable land. The production of a single kilogram of beef alone requires approximately 15,000 litres of water. The available arable land per capita is decreasing day by day. Experts expect the amount of arable land to be reduced by a factor of three in the coming years, simply because of population growth. Added to this is the loss of arable land due to ongoing urbanisation.

This is where Golden Chlorella, as an alternative and plant-based protein source, can make a decisive contribution to a more sustainable development of food production. The microalgae are fished as baby algae and then raised in a fermentation process. Due to the grateful properties of this algae strain to multiply quickly and grow rapidly, this results in a rich harvest, while at the same time using few resources. A handful of algae yields 500 grams of valuable protein powder. Algae production requires around 400 times less water than meat production. In addition, three-quarters of the earth is covered with water. This is why the use of algae is the most promising option of all alternative protein sources for the future.

Our diverse products are suitable for a protein-rich and balanced diet. All products can be easily integrated into daily food preparation.


Prepare your favourite dish and at the end stir in the Golden Chlorella. Stirring well prevents lumps from forming.

Golden Chlorella Superfood can be added to any vegan/vegetarian dish. 1 teaspoon (10gr) Golden Chlorella has the same amount of protein as 1 egg, 200ml milk or 25gr steak.

We are happy to receive feedback from our customers on how they integrate Golden Chlorella into their daily food preparation. Click here to Google review


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Ordered their golden bean protein powder and protein pasta. Love the protein powder! I add it to savoury dishes like veg soups or veg fritters - the protein doesn't mess up the taste, it just contributes protein and minerals to my food. Unfortunately, after receiving it, I realised that the pasta is not gluten-free (for health reasons I avoid gluten).
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I particularly like the high protein pasta! Great texture and consistency! Can't wait for the gluten-free version
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After some health problems, I decided to consume only healthy food. Indeed, I usually seek organic and all-natural food from some recognized brands, However, a friend recommended to me Alvers' products, and I have to say I was amazed for some reasons: 1. Delivery: I received my order early than the scheduled date (Indeed, in the pandemic period). 2. Packaging: I found green and recycling materials as well as clear labelling that explains the food's characteristics. 3. Products taste: I ordered a variety of products (Soups, Pasta, Bars and Powders Protein). Protein powders don't have flavours but mixing in juices increase the satiety sensation in the stomach (Pre and post-gym). Bars protein are nice and very tasty as a snack. Pasta and Soup are just delicious (flavour, texture, consistency). Conclusion, I am very pleased with Alvers' products, are very recommended.

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