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Good for you and our planet

Enjoy delicious high protein foods for daily life with Golden Chlorella to boost your immunity and vitality

Why is our Golden Chlorella unique?

Discover our Golden Chlorella, a micro-algae known as a super food rich in micro- nutrients, carotenoids and omegas and many health benefits, including increased energy, aiding the elimination of toxins and supporting healthy glowing skin. Thanks to our innovation you will be able to get the full benefits of Chlorella with an important difference: Golden Chlorella’s taste is very neutral and can therefore easily be incorporated in everyday dishes. What can Golden Chlorella do for you?
  • A Zinc supply to support the immune system better
  • Broad spectrum of B vitamins to fortify and have more energy
  • Increased Vitamin E content for radiant skin
  • Contains Phosphorous, that promotes a healthy neuro system and maintains strong bones
Protein-rich Golden chlorella powder sold by Alver used in a meal


Packed with protein, fibers, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and omegas, all of which are vital for our metabolism. Chlorella strengthens your mind as well as your body and acts as a natural detox.

Family enjoying a meal cooked with protein rich powder made with Golden Chlorella


We believe in great-tasting foods that are easy to prepare. Because of its beautiful golden colour and neutral taste, Golden Chlorella can simply be added to your everyday meals or check out our delicious recipes in our blog.


Production is 100% natural requiring only water, a little sugar for fermentation and non-arable land.

Easy to use

1 teaspoon is equivalent to 10g, which has the same protein content as 1 egg, 180ml of milk or 20g of steak

We suggest adding the Golden Chlorella at the end of your food preparation and mix it well to avoid clumping.​

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Ordered their golden bean protein powder and protein pasta. Love the protein powder! I add it to savoury dishes like veg soups or veg fritters - the protein doesn't mess up the taste, it just contributes protein and minerals to my food. Unfortunately, after receiving it, I realised that the pasta is not gluten-free (for health reasons I avoid gluten).
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I particularly like the high protein pasta! Great texture and consistency! Can't wait for the gluten-free version
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After some health problems, I decided to consume only healthy food. Indeed, I usually seek organic and all-natural food from some recognized brands, However, a friend recommended to me Alvers' products, and I have to say I was amazed for some reasons: 1. Delivery: I received my order early than the scheduled date (Indeed, in the pandemic period). 2. Packaging: I found green and recycling materials as well as clear labelling that explains the food's characteristics. 3. Products taste: I ordered a variety of products (Soups, Pasta, Bars and Powders Protein). Protein powders don't have flavours but mixing in juices increase the satiety sensation in the stomach (Pre and post-gym). Bars protein are nice and very tasty as a snack. Pasta and Soup are just delicious (flavour, texture, consistency). Conclusion, I am very pleased with Alvers' products, are very recommended.

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