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About Us
We are rethinking the world of proteins!
Alver stands for sustainable and nutritious nutrition that is fun. Our goal is to make our customers' daily food preparation better. Because each dish is as individual as its chef, we make sure that our products can be added easily and without affecting the taste of a favourite menu. This is why we have chosen Golden Chlorella. In contrast to conventional seaweed, Golden Chlorella is almost tasteless and has a natural golden colour.
The principle for our products is: "Good for you and for our planet". This idea is central for us at Alver. We want to appeal to people, from young to old, who are also committed to these values. For all those who are looking for alternative sources of protein that are produced in a resource-friendly way, we are the right choice.

Our diverse product range, from high protein pasta with Golden Chlorella to mung bean protein powder and protein bars, all have one thing in common: all Alver products are completely natural, have no additives and contain no animal ingredients. We stand for the resource-saving development of food for the entire world population.

Our Mission
With our sustainable food products based on microalgae we want to contribute to feeding the ever growing world population. We believe that only sustainable and nutrient-rich food can reduce the need for water and arable land, which is why we rely on the superfood Golden Chlorella. All our products are vegan, natural and have a high content of important nutrients. That is what we vouch for.
Our Values
Together with the Alver team, we have defined four fundamental values that are central to our product development and that we use as a guide in our daily work
o Vegan: We stand for sustainable products and a convincing alternative source of protein. That is why we do not compromise on animal ingredients in all of our products.

o High Protein: A protein-rich diet is particularly important for people who avoid animal foods. We make sure that all of our products contain a high percentage of protein.
o Clean Recipe: Our products contain important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals - nothing more and nothing less. Our products consist of natural ingredients and do not contain any additives.

Our Story
When science meets market knowledge

“We have set out to develop sustainable food based on micro algae in order to contribute to feeding the world population!”

Mine Uran, the founder and CEO of Alver, has been working and researching in the field of alternative proteins for years - always in search of the perfect protein source. Protein that neither comes from animals nor devours vast amounts of resources. This search finally led Mine to the topic of algae. In 2014, Mine was invited to the White House in Washington to discuss the future of sustainable proteins. It was there, at the latest, that she realised that the growing world population urgently needs protein-rich food that contains all the important nutrients and can also be produced in a resource-poor way.
After years of working with different types of protein, Mine discovered the Golden Chlorella algae strand and quickly realised that this algae combines all desirable properties.
Mine finally brought Majbritt Byskov-Bridges on board and together the two women founded Alver in 2016. With their products, Mine and Majbritt want to make no less than a contribution to a sustainable and natural form of nutrition. Based on Nordic mythology, the company was eventually baptised "Alver". Alver means "elves" in Old Norse. Elves are spirits of nature and are therefore the perfect ambassadors and eponym for a brand that aims to promote the well-being of the world and its inhabitants.
Mine and Majbritt quickly realised that there is a need among consumers for sustainable and healthy food, so the first crowdfunding was successfully completed as early as 2017. This enabled the first product to be launched in 2018 and, after two successful years in Switzerland, Alver is set to conquer the French and German markets in 2020.
Who we are
Mine Uran
Mine Uran

Founder | CEO
For over 20 years, Mine Uran has been searching for the perfect alternative to animal protein. As a food engineer, Mine led teams at Unilever and DuPont, among others, and finally as Head of Protein at Nestlé. As a globally recognised protein expert, her initial focus was on plant proteins, such as those from soy or peas. However, due to the high demand for arable land and water, Mine finally realised that the path to sustainable nutrition could only be taken by the oldest living creatures on earth: microalgae. So Mine left Nestlé and founded Alver together with Majbritt Byskov-Bridges. Their aim is to provide healthy and sustainable food for the society of today and tomorrow. "I have a lot of faith in the young and have no doubt that future generations will be able to cope with the environmental problems. This can already be seen in the conscious handling of their own food. We want to support this striving for more sustainable eating habits and contribute to the food security of the future with our products", Mine describes her goals with Alver.

Majbritt Byskov-Bridges
Majbritt Byskov-Bridges

Co-Founder | COO
Raised in Ecuador and Switzerland, Majbritt studied in Copenhagen, Paris, Glasgow and Oxford. After graduating, Majbritt began her career on the trading floor at Morgan Stanley in London. She later moved on to Deloitte in strategy consulting and finally headed the Guardian Wealth Management Office in Switzerland for ten years. In her search for sustainable, environmentally friendly and ethical investment opportunities for her clients, she got to know 2012 Mine and quickly became convinced of Alver's potential. Together with Mine, Majbritt finally took the plunge into entrepreneurship: "I am convinced that small companies are capable of driving innovation and thereby bringing about the change needed for a healthier planet. To play our part in this change, Mine and I founded Alver. With our two backgrounds, Mine, as an experienced scientist, and I, as an economist, with experience in investor relations, we will make Alver a success".

Helene Konstantinides
Helene Konstantinides

Logistics and Customer Service Director
Helene is a sales and logistics expert who gained her know-how in multinational pharmaceutical companies such as Ciba and Novartis. She has helped companies gain market access for new treatments and therapies in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. As a proven pharmaceutical expert, working in the food sector is a challenge for her. For Helene, a modern lifestyle means paying attention to a balanced and healthy diet: "The vision of the founders to contribute to the nutrition of the world's population with vegetable proteins and the concept of sustainability are the decisive factors why I believe in the future of Alver. I can bring my personal passion for sustainability and the environment to bear perfectly and at the same time contribute to the sustainable nutrition of a growing world population by introducing innovative, alternative proteins".

Dr. Vladas Snieckus
Dr. Vladas Snieckus

Sales Director
After more than 20 years of sales experience in the pharmaceutical and food industry, Vladas decided to leave the giants of the food industry to support a young, agile and innovative company with its knowledge. Vladas holds a PhD in medicine and a master's degree in business management. The vision of the two founders convinced him to commit himself to a sustainable nutrition of the world population. For Vladas, it is crucial to combine innovation and sustainability in order to guarantee food safety in the long term. "Alternative sources of protein and meat-free nutrition are already highly valued today. But that alone is not enough. The future lies in sustainable superfoods, i.e. foods that contain many important nutrients but rely on minimal resources for production," says Vladas, describing his motivation to actively support Alver.

Christina Siciliani
Christina Siciliani

Global Marketing Director
Christina is a passionate marketing expert. She has many years of experience in the international food industry. Most recently she was responsible for the Middle East/India/Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific at Lindt. But Christina is no stranger to the financial sector either. She has worked in marketing at Credit Suisse and Robeco Asset Management, among others. Christina thus brings a perfect mix of foot expertise and financial knowledge, which she rounded off with a Master's degree from the University of St. Gallen and as a certified nutritionist according to Ayurvedic teachings. Christina personally attaches great importance to a holistic and healthy diet that is in harmony with the environment and therefore lives a vegan lifestyle herself. She is personally convinced of the algae proteins and uses them daily. Christina is passionately committed to better and more sustainable food and is enthusiastic about Alver: "I was impressed by Alver's promise to offer healthy and sustainable food for each person and their different eating habits. With their commitment, the founders of Alver make a contribution to making our food healthier and more environmentally friendly. The future of nutrition lies in vegetable proteins - our first products are just the beginning".

Dr. Martin Caporgno
Dr. Martin Caporgno

R&D Director
As a scientist, among others at the ETH Zurich, algae have been part of his research focus for over 10 years. As a chemical engineer with a doctorate in chemistry and environmental technology, Martín was active in scientific research for many years. Now Martín has decided to make a change and bring his know-how to Alver. As a dedicated scientist, Martín continues to be involved in various innovation projects of Innosuisse and the EU. Martín shares with the founders Mine and Majbritt the conviction that microalgae can make an important contribution to sustainable nutrition. For Martín, Alver means the connection between scientific knowledge and the development of innovative food products: "The focus on research, development and production, combined with sustainability, is something I appreciate very much at Alver. Personally, I'm excited about the job because my many years of expertise in the field of algae is in demand and fits in perfectly with my passion for good food".

Golden Chlorella

“Golden Chlorella – Powerprotein with Heritage”

Golden Chlorella belongs to the so-called micro algae. These one- or two-cellular algae therefore do not look like a classic algae, as they are only visible under a microscope. Microalgae are around four billion years old and are among the very first life forms that ever existed.
Microalgae grow in both salt and fresh water. There are thousands of different algae strands, each with different properties. The Golden Chlorella is an algae strand that grows in fresh water. The most striking characteristic is the pigmentation that causes the yellow-golden colour. However, it is not only the colour that makes this strand so ideal as a source of protein. The Golden Chlorella is one of the algae that is ideal for breeding, as it only needs fresh water and sugar for extensive growth. To make our Golden Chlorella products, we harvest a handful of baby algae and then let them grow in a controlled fermenter. This process is similar to the fermentation of beer.

We are proud to have found an algae that can not only be produced with few resources, but is also very well tolerated by our body.
Golden Chlorella has numerous vitamins and minerals, including high levels of protein, zinc, vitamin B and phosphorus. In addition, Golden Chlorella is also almost tasteless. Classical algae deter many consumers due to their strong inherent taste. With Golden Chlorella we have succeeded in producing algae products that can be easily and tastelessly integrated into everyday dishes - and all this without artificial additives.

Public, Private & Academic support
Academic support InnoSuisse Project with HES-SO, supported by Swiss Innovation Sion, 2019

 Switzerland Mass Challenge Acceleration Program, 2018, Preis EIT- Food

«Best Natural Ingredient», 2017, Start-up innovation challenge, Frankfurt