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Welcome to Alver!
A little Story about Us
Alver is a new food company producing everyday foods that are based on Golden ChlorellaTM. This nutrient-dense micro-algae is a truly sustainable source of protein, something which the planet needs if we are to be able to feed the ever-increasing world population.

Our objective is to make tasty foods that are healthy and can be produced sustainably.

Mine Uran, a world-renowned authority on proteins, started Alver in September 2016 having identified an opportunity in the market for products that are genuinely healthy – rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and lipids – and that provide a plant-based sustainable source of protein. Alver is the world’s first company to produce everyday foods with the nutrient dense Golden ChlorellaTM.

The business started trading in October 2016 in a successful trial period to assess market potential. Products were sold through independent shops in and around Geneva. Feedback has been very positive with a loyal client base. Consumer research carried out online in November 2016 confirmed the opportunity.

The opportunity is to develop a brand with unique appeal and to position it at the premium end of mainstream healthy products market, offering "protein plus" by focusing on 3 growth drivers in order of priority

Mine Uran
Mine Uran

Founder | CEO
Mine Uran is a globally recognised expert in protein. She is an industrial engineer with an MBA and has led teams at Unilever and DuPont (receiving the Marketing Award in 2008), and in 2013 was headhunted for the position of Head of Protein at Nestlé. In 2014, Mine was invited to the White House to discuss the future of sustainable protein. Earlier this year, Mine decided to leave Nestlé to concentrate specifically on the development of micro-algae, as she believes this will help solve the increasingly worrisome protein issue.

Having spent years reviewing all the sources of protein, from animal and plant, she has come to the conclusion that golden chlorella is the protein and wonder ingredient consumers have been waiting for.

Majbritt Byskov-Bridges
Majbritt Byskov-Bridges

Co-Founder | COO
Majbritt has been part of shaping the Alver strategy and supporting Mine’s dream for a more sustainable world. Majbritt is an economist with an MBA. She started her career on the trading floor at Morgan Stanley, moving on to strategy consulting at Monitor/Deloitte and has spent the past 10 years building the Guardian Wealth Management office in Switzerland.

Helene Konstantinides
Helene Konstantinides

Logistics and Customer Service Director
Helene has extensive sales and logistics experience across the EMEA and APAC region, managed to promote market access to treatments and new therapies for patients. Having always collaborated with multinational pharmaceutical companies (Ciba, Novartis, Alcon & Lilly) she brings her experience in the fields of sales and customer service. She is Pharm D with a CAS in Health Management from the University of Lausanne, in Switzerland.

Dr. Vladas Snieckus
Dr. Vladas Snieckus

Sales Director
Vladas has over 20 years of international sales experience in European markets
in pharmaceutical and food industries. He has extensive knowledge in market entry, business development, sales establishment.
Vladas also supports NGO activities, consults international companies. He holds Master and Science degrees in Medicine, Master degree in Business Management.

Christina Siciliani
Christina Siciliani

Global Marketing Director
Christina has an extensive marketing experience in the food industry and in international companies. She was previously growing and supporting markets at Lindt over MEIA, LATAM and APAC regions. At the start of her career she contributed to marketing activations for the financial industry such as Credit Suisse and Robeco Asset Management. To follow up on her mission to support people to live a healthier life, she is a trained holistic nutritionist (Ayurveda) and consults people according to these principles. She hold a Master degrees in Marketing from University of St. Gallen - Switzerland.

Dr. Martin Caporgno
Dr. Martin Caporgno

R&D Director
Martín is a chemical engineer and holds a PhD in Chemical, Processing and Environmental Engineering. With a strong scientific background, among other as scientist at ETH Zurich, he has dedicated more than ten years to research in the field of algae. After many years in academia, he decided to change to industry, and joined Alver’s team to support several R&D projects. Martín remains a dedicated scientist and is currently involved in various innovation projects funded by both the Swiss Innovation Agency - Innosuisse and by the EU. He is also responsible for the development and market readiness of several new products at Alver.

Public, Private & Academic support
Academic support InnoSuisse Project with HES-SO, supported by Swiss Innovation Sion, 2019

 Switzerland Mass Challenge Acceleration Program, 2018, Preis EIT- Food

«Best Natural Ingredient», 2017, Start-up innovation challenge, Frankfurt