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Press Release: Alver Golden Chlorella Event Calendar

Protein expert Mine Uran (CEO) and economist Majbritt Byskov-Bridges (COO), the founders of the Swiss startup Alver Golden Chlorella, will give insights into the evolution of their company and the future of protein at several international events and conferences in October.

In 2012, Alver founders Mine Uran, an internationally recognized protein expert, and economist Majbritt Byskov-Bridges met at the Women’s International Networking (WIN) conference in Rome.

Three years later, their paths crossed again when Majbritt Byskov-Bridges researched sustainable funds for a client and Mine Uran had just discovered Golden Chlorella, a microalgae, which is the most sustainable source of protein to date.

What started at WIN became a winning partnership! Mine Uran and Majbritt Byskov-Bridges share the same vision: better, healthier foods that are sustainable and protect our planet. Together they created Alver Golden Chlorella.

Alvers mission is to provide tasty and healthy foods that sustain the ever growing world population while protecting the environment. The Swiss startup specializes in the development of ready-made products such as pasta, soups and sauces, that are high in vegan protein. This is mainly obtained from the microalgae Golden Chlorella. Alver products are healthy and offer a protein-rich alternative to eating meat.

Alver Golden Chlorella Microalgae Vegan High Protein Powder

Golden Chlorella is a sustainable, 100% natural, gluten and lactose free vegan protein source. It is characterized by a golden color and a neutral taste, a unique feature that is achieved through a natural fermentation process in a closed, controlled environment. This is an absolute innovation!

The fact that Golden Chlorella is exempt of the color, taste and odor usually associated with algae makes Alver products extremely versatile. Golden Chlorella is a breakthrough ingredient in the food industry, as it can easily be added to any food without affecting the eating or cooking habits of consumers.

Golden Chlorella is the most sustainable source of protein* that is currently available on the planet, as it does not require arable land but only water, light and some sugar. It will help to reduce the consumption of animal protein and to have a positive impact on the environment worldwide.

This unique product represents the transition from microalgae as a nutritional supplement to an easy-to-use everyday ingredient that enhances both our health and our carbon footprint.

alver golden chlorella vegan protein comparison beef

Alver was launched in 2016 with a very successful crowdfunding campaign, which helped make the brand known across Swiss borders. Since then, the young, innovative company has already been awarded numerous prizes:

– Grand Prix Generation Entrepreneur 2018, Switzerland, 1st prize
– Switzerland Mass Challenge Acceleration Program 2018, EIT Food Award
– Agri & Co 2018, Friburg, finalist
– Start-up Innovation Challenge, Frankfurt, Best Natural Ingredient 2017

Naturally, Alver founders Mine Uran and Majbritt Byskov-Bridges are invited to many international events and conferences as speakers. For example, this year Alver is a partner of the Global WIN Conference in Athens, where Mine and Majbritt will give the interested audience insights into the evolution of their startup and the future of proteins.

Other conferences and events Alver will attend in October:

02. – 05.10. Global WIN Conference, Athens,
05. – 09.10. Anuga, Cologne,
11. – 13.10. Living Food Life, Geneva,
17. – 18.10. Food Proteins Europe, Copenhagen,
19. – 20.10. Veggie World, Zurich,
23. – 24.10. Innovations in Food Europe, London,


alver win conference mine uran majbritt byskov-bridges


About the Alver Founders: Mine Uran and Majbritt Byskov Bridges

Mine Uran is a world-renowned protein expert. She is an Industrial Engineer with an MBA and led teams at Unilever and DuPont (Marketing Award in 2008). In 2013, she was hired as Nestlé’s Head of Protein. In 2014, Mine was invited to the White House for a discussion on the future of sustainable protein.

After years of exploring various protein sources, both animal and vegetable, Mine has concluded that Golden Chlorella is the protein of the future. That is why she decided to leave Nestlé in order to start her own business and focus on the development of microalgae. She believes that these will help solve the increasingly worrying protein problem the world is facing today.

Majbritt Byskov-Bridges is an economist with an MBA. She started her career at Morgan Stanley, switched to strategy consulting at Monitor / Deloitte, and built up the Guardian Wealth Management office in Switzerland over the last 10 years. Majbritt helped shape Alver’s strategy and supported Mine’s dream of a more sustainable world since the beginning.

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