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The story of Alver

Mission: Algae Nutrition for All

“We have set out to develop sustainable food based on microalgae in order to contribute to feeding the world population!”

Mine Uran, the founder, and CEO of Alver, has been working and researching in the field of alternative proteins for years. Always in search of the perfect protein source, one that doesn’t require many resources and doesn’t come from animals. This search finally led Mine to the topic of algae.

In 2014, Mine was invited to the White House in Washington to discuss the future of sustainable proteins. It was there, that she realised that the growing world population urgently needs protein-rich food that contains all the important nutrients and can also be produced in a resource-saving way. Mine discovered the Golden Chlorella algae strand and discovered that this alga combines all the desirable properties.

Meanwhile, Mine brought Majbritt Byskov-Bridges on board and together the two women founded Alver in 2016. With their products, Mine and Majbritt aim to make a contribution to a sustainable and natural form of nutrition. Based on Nordic mythology, the company was eventually baptised as “Alver”, meaning “elves” in Old Norse. Elves are spirits of nature and are therefore the perfect ambassadors and eponym for a brand that aims to promote the well-being of the world and its population.

Mine and Majbritt understood that there is a need among consumers for sustainable and healthy food, and the first crowdfunding was successfully completed as early as 2017. This enabled the first product to be launched in 2018 and, after two successful years in Switzerland, Alver is set to conquer the French and German markets in 2020.

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