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alver golden chlorella saint leger geneva

Buy Alver Golden Chlorella in Geneva at Pharmacie de Saint-Léger

A valued partner in our network is the Pharmacie de Saint-Léger in Geneva. Located in the city center, close to Park des Bastion and Plainpalais roundabout, the pharmacy is not far from your home, your doctor or your workplace. If, however, you are lacking time or not feeling well enough to go there, you can simply order by e-mail or telephone. Pharmacie Saint-Léger offers FREE and FAST delivery in the district (Geneva downtown and Rive-Gauche)!

Here, you can find Golden Chlorella and other selected products from the Alver range:

Vegan Protein Powders

Alver Golden Chlorella Protein 250g

Golden Chlorella is 100% natural. It helps eliminate heavy metals and pesticides. Rich in Vitamin B it helps to improve the quality of skin and hair. It also contributes to increasing the level of red blood cells. The powder can easilybe mixed in a smoothie, sauce or muesli, at breakfast, lunch or dinner to remove heavy metals and pesticides and boost your vitamin and mineral intake.

High Protein Vegan Pasta

Alver Golden Chlorella High Protein Penne 300g
Alver Golden Chlorella High Protein Fussili 250g

Taste like the pasta you know and love! Made in Switzerland with flour, mungbean, Golden Chlorella and water. 20% protein, Zinc, and Vitamin B1 and B2.


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Do you need advice? Pharmacy Saint-Leger is specialised in these areas: traditional medicine, homeopathy, Bach flowers, EPS, Spagyrik Phylak, phytotherapy, dermo-cosmetics, medical equipment (sale and rental), drugstore, Eric Favre sports nutrition, super foods.

You can see what’s new here >>> and there are also interesting offers every month >>>

Natural Medicine

Pharmacie Saint-Léger listens attentively to your needs and preferences and prepares bespoke mixes just for you! They work closely with many well-known and recognized laboratories such as Schmidt-Nagel, Aromasan, Puressential, Phylak, Pileje, Nutergia, Vogel, Boiron, and many others. Teas, therapeutic infusions, herbal mixes, salts, emulsions… whatever you require, the professional team will consult and do the possible to adapt to your needs.

Practical Information

Address: Pharmacie Sait-Léger, Boulevard des Philosophes 15, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland
Contact: E-Mail, Phone 0041 22 329 57 33, Fax 0041 22 321 08 15
Opening Hours: Monday- Friday, 7h45 – 18h45, Saturday: 9h00 – 13:00

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