Take part in Veganuary!

Do you have good resolutions for the New Year? Here’s another suggestion: consume fewer animal products. It is good for you and our planet. As more and more people begin to understand this, the population begins to consume less meat. As of November 2021, according to the latest study results, around 0.6% of the population in Switzerland are vegan and around 4.1% are vegetarian. Now, even if that doesn’t sound like a lot at first, the number of vegans has doubled in 2021. Another 20.5% forego meat frequently – so-called “flexitarians”. When combined, around a quarter of the Swiss population mainly or exclusively eats vegetarian or vegan. Even if the numbers on the prevalence of these lifestyles vary depending on the study and criteria, Switzerland stands out from other European countries with its high rate of vegetarian diets.

Campaigns from nonprofits like Veganuary are fueling this trend. Veganuary was founded by individuals in the UK in 2014 and has since been encouraging people around the world to adopt a vegan diet during January, and beyond. During the 2021 campaign, people from over 200 countries took part. A nice side effect for all friends of the meat-free diet: As part of the campaign, a total of more than 825 new vegan products and menu options were introduced in numerous countries.

Numerous companies also take part in the campaign. By working with brands, restaurants, and supermarkets, Veganuary aims to bring about change and invite even more consumers to discover the benefits of a plant-based diet. The mission is to create a global mass movement that advocates a diet that also has animal welfare in mind. The aim: to end unnatural factory farming, protect the planet and improve people’s health.

At Alver, we share this mission 100%. That’s why we’re taking part in Veganuary again this year: Part of the Alver team faces the challenge of living vegan for 31 days, while other colleagues give their usual flexitarian diet a boost by avoiding meat more often. Our diverse products with numerous vitamins and nutrients as well as vegetable proteins from microalgae, which vegans and vegetarians need for a balanced diet, help. In keeping with the Veganuary, you will receive a 20 percent discount on all products in our shop throughout January with “Veganuary22”.

As an inspiration, we also regularly prepare delicious vegan recipes for you on our microsite. Have we aroused your interest or are you already taking part in Veganuary? Let us know in the comments.

Healthy Nutrition on a new level

In the last two blog posts we explained the best way to take golden chlorella and what positive effects the superfood can have on health. But how can it be that the tiny algae has such a large effect on the body? To answer that, let’s take a step back and take a closer look at the microalgae Chlorella – under the microscope, so to speak.

Each Chlorella cell is a self-sufficient organism that contains many vital substances. For example, it contains phytonutrients and cofactors in a balanced ratio, which is beneficial for the general restoration and maintenance of health. With its high content of vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids and other vital nutrients, it provides a wide range of nutrients that the human body needs.

Since chlorella contains the important nutrients that the human body needs and can even have a healing effect, it is considered a life-extending food in certain countries like Japan. After the Second World War, the majority of the population consumed the microalgae Chlorella. Millions of Japanese people still consume the microalgae every day. So it’s no wonder that Japan is the country with the highest life expectancy: As of 2019, there are more than 70,000 people who are 100 years old or older.

How does it work? The nutrients in Chlorella are able to interact with the body in a way which promotes our ability to heal, rebalance and revitalize. Nowadays many individuals lack vital nutrients in their modern day died, leading to possible deficiencies, Chlorella is able to supply those nutrients. With its high nutritional content, Chlorella can help bridge the gap in people’s nutritional needs. In addition, the vitamins and minerals are bio-chelated. Meaning that they are naturally incorporated into amino acids, which makes them easier for the human body to absorb and process.

In short: Chlorella is a wholesome food with many positive effects on the body and our health, that can be easily integrated into the daily diet. When compared to other species of Chlorella vulgaris, the Golden Chlorella has the advantage that it is odorless and tasteless – with the same effect. That is why we at Alver have specialized in offering the microalgae Golden Chlorella for different tastes as required. Take a look at our recipes or in the shop.

Taking Golden Chlorella – a how-to

Golden Chlorella is a superfood that consists of just one single ingredient: the microalgae Golden Chlorella. It combines numerous important and healthy nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, the freshwater algae is naturally golden in color and is almost tasteless. Therefore, Golden Chlorella can be easily integrated into almost any dish – but why should you take Golden Chlorella? And how much? We clarify.

Purifying effect of Golden Chlorella

In addition to external body care, it is important to also cleanse the body regularly from the inside. Because over the years, harmful substances accumulate in the human body – air pollution, heavy metals in fish or pesticide residues in other foods can be the causes. By cleansing our body and flushing out toxins, we enable our bodies to work and protect ourselves in the best possible way. And this is exactly where Golden Chlorella comes into play: In addition to the numerous nutrients it contains, the microalgae can also help detoxify the body. Many studies have demonstrated the chelating effects of Chlorella. The fibrous cell wall of Chlorella (Sporopolein) can absorb toxins, heavy metals (e.g. lead, cadmium) and various pollutants and thus help our body to excrete them.

The ideal intake of the superfood

To support the body’s detoxification process, golden chlorella is best suited in the form of protein powder. Of course, Golden Chlorella is also contained in the other Alver products. Since the powder has a higher concentration of the superfood than, for example, the pasta from Alver, the supporting effect of the protein powder on the cleansing process is higher.

If you are taking Golden Chlorella for the first time, we recommend starting with 5 grams (1/2 teaspoon) daily for the first two weeks in order to begin gently with the cleansing. The Golden Chlorella Protein Powder can easily be mixed into any dish or drink in the specified amount. From the second week of use, the recommended daily dose is 10 grams per day (1 teaspoon). As our product is very effective, the specified maximum daily dose should not be exceeded. 1 teaspoon (10 grams) of Golden Chlorella already has as much protein as half an egg, 100 milliliters of milk or 12 grams of a steak.

In order to carry out the cleansing as effectively as possible, one should pay attention to a balanced diet while taking the protein powder, do not smoke or drink alcohol. Anyone who is under stress or who is currently dependent on strong medication should postpone cleansing – likewise people who are very overweight or underweight. This also applies to people who have recently been exposed to large doses of heavy metals or pesticides (for example from amalgam fillings or excessive fish consumption) or who have been exposed to severe air pollution. And good news: intolerances when taking Golden Chlorella are rather rare.

The protein-rich superfood can be easily integrated into daily food preparation. This allows you to raise your diet to a new level of sustainability with 5 to 10 grams of Golden Chlorella per day. Please feel free to send us your feedback on your experiences with taking Golden Chlorella.

All around health with Golden Chlorella

Most people know that sitting in the office for hours, fast food for lunch, and the biscuits during breaks are not healthy. Still, many behave like that. Scientists assume that 70 percent of all illnesses are caused by our lifestyle. The connection has been proven in cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and cancer. The medical journal “The Lancet” shocked 2017 with the news that 11 million people worldwide died from an unhealthy diet in 2017 alone. So with the way we eat and drink, we can protect ourselves from various diseases and extend our lives.

Many vegans and vegetarians are among those people who meet the criteria for a healthy lifestyle. Their particular challenge is to ensure they consume enough plant protein. When supplementing their diet with Golden Chlorella, they are fulfilling their responsibility of eating enough protein. The microalgae contains twice as much protein as beef or soy. The protein is of a very high quality and can be easily absorbed by the body. Golden Chlorella contains all eight essential amino acids the body requires, and other non-essential amino acids. With this microalgae, a mineral-rich protein supply is ensured with a meat-free diet.

The superfood also helps to compensate for other nutrient deficiencies such as iron deficiency, magnesium deficiency and vitamin B deficiency, for example an undersupply of essential fatty acids. These vitamins clean our vessels and protect them from calcification. Due to its many unsaturated fatty acids, the chlorella algae can help prevent cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels.

Golden Chlorella is a true cocktail of health-promoting ingredients. For example, it has powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals and thus delay cell aging; and at the same time also reducing the risk of cancer. Their antibiotic, anti-infective and antiviral effects strengthen our immune system, which protects us from colds, flu and inflammation. In addition, the microalgae have a revitalizing and invigorating effect on the organism, as it stimulates the production of red blood cells. This not only helps against tiredness and stress in everyday life, but also makes Golden Chlorella very popular with athletes. The chlorella algae is also known for its cleansing properties and helps the body rid itself of waste materials and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and pesticides. You can read more details about the detoxification process with Golden Chlorella in our last blog post. We influence our own health – through the way we live. A conscious lifestyle and physical activity have just as positive effects on our well-being as the right diet. The inclusion of the microalgae Golden Chlorella in the daily preparation of our meals – whether as muesli, pasta or protein powder – contributes significantly to maintaining our health all round.