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Alver Golden Bean Vegan Protein Mung Bean Photo Alain Wicht

Veganuary: healthy and full of strength into the New Year with Golden Bean

Scientists and environmentalists have long known what many are only now beginning to fully understand: humanity must plan for a future without animal meat. Health, scarcity of resources, climate change or ethics, there are many reasons why more and more people are questioning their consumption and eating habits. One initiative that is growing in importance worldwide every year is Veganuary. People everywhere on Earth motivate each other to lead a vegan lifestyle in January – and beyond – and to make a sustainable contribution to the protection of the planet by renouncing animal products. Alver specializes in the production of protein-rich vegan foods. Alver products can perfectly support vegans and people who participate in the worldwide Veganuary ritual. An ideal companion is Alver Golden Bean, a protein isolate made from mung beans.

Interest in plant-based nutrition has increased in recent years, with a focus on the correlation between health and sustainability. It has been shown that a meatless diet can help prevent chronic diseases, as well as improve general health and wellbeing. In addition to the benefits of a plant-based diet for human health, the health of the planet also depends in part on that the industrialized countries drastically reduce the consumption of animal products. Among others, the World Economic Forum declared CO2 emissions and resource consumption for meat as unsustainable. The United Nations describes meat as the “most pressing problem in the world”.

Scientific research and progressive technologies make it more tangible than ever to feed the world’s growing population entirely without animal products. In addition to microalgae, which have been declared by the FDA and many European governments as an important food source of the future, the mung bean, which has been used for cooking in human civilization for several thousand years, is one of the hopeful sources for a healthier human nutrition in the future.

Mung bean: protein-rich and sustainable

The mung bean is an important legume and is known for its high content of protein, fiber, minerals, vitamins and bioactive compounds, including polyphenols, polysaccharides and peptides. It has been documented to alleviate fat metabolism disorders and high blood pressure, help prevent cancer and strengthen the immune system. These properties make the mung bean a popular functional food that has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine. The mung bean is not only rich in protein, but also rich in essential amino acids, especially leucine, lysine and phenylalanine. In its amino acids profile, the mung bean is comparable to soy, but its production is significantly more sustainable. The cultivation of mung bean requires no nitrogen fertilizer and only a little water. That is why the mung bean is not only important as a food, but also for biological nitrogen binding and soil fertility. It is also a staple in developing countries and regions where animal proteins are unavailable or costly.

Mung bean protein: increases muscle strength

Although the health benefits of a plant-based diet are well documented, there is still concern that nutrient intake, including protein, may be reduced and cause deficiencies in the long-term. The consequences of inadequate protein intake include reduced muscle mass, a predictor of functionality, mobility, quality of life and mortality. More muscle mass enables higher strength production (grip strength). People on a plant-based diet often have lower muscle mass (LBM). It is therefore recommended that they consume 1.0 g of protein per kg of body weight per day. A recent study* showed that mung bean protein significantly improves muscle strength in healthy adults who eat plant-based and are underactive. The connection between plant protein supplements and higher strength despite the lack of physical exercise is a new finding.

Alver Golden Bean: neutral in taste and healthy

The mung bean is interesting as a plant protein supplement because it is easy to digest and can be used for many familiar foods for which meat is traditionally the basis. In addition, it is characterized by long storage life. However, the use of mung beans requires some preparation: the dried, whole beans need to be soaked over night and then simmered for about 45 minutes before they can be used to prepare a healthy, digest, protein-rich salad, soup, curry, dip or humus.

Alver specializes in the production of protein-rich, vegan foods and protein isolates, including mung bean. Already fermented, washed, dried and offered in powder form, Golden Bean is the perfect ingredient for cooking, roasting, baking, mixing and shaking at home, as well as in catering and in the general food industry. Rich in fiber, potassium, magnesium, antioxidants and amino acids, Alver Golden Bean contains 85% protein. Neutral in taste, it can easily be added to any dish. In addition, Alver offers vegan pasta with mung bean protein: fusilli and penne.

Alver products support vegans in their daily diet and help people who want to discover a plant-based nutrition for themselves. Due to the high protein content, Golden Bean is the ideal companion: it satiates without weighing down and reduces the need to snack between meals. The high percentage of zinc supports the immune system and the calcium it contains strengthens the bones.

Mixing Golden Bean to food helps feeling satiated for longer and reduces the craving for snacks.

* The study is registered with (identifier: NCT04076982).

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