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Golden Chlorella

Super Protein from Microalgae

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Golden Chlorella® is a superfood that consists of only one ingredient: fermented and dried chlorella algae. This freshwater algae has a natural golden colour and is neutral in taste making it easy to integrate into almost any dish.

Compared to beef, which typically contains about 25% protein, fish (18-29%), egg (13%), and soy (30%), Golden Chlorella® at +30% is not only the most protein-rich but also the most comprehensive and nutrient-dense food source currently available to us for a balanced, healthy and vegetarian to a vegan diet. One teaspoon, or about 10g, is equivalent to the protein content of half an egg, 100ml of milk, or 12g of a steak.

Fiber, minerals, vitamins B1, B2, and B6, as well as amino and omega fatty acids help support the immune system, promote brain development and health, help maintain bone density and vision, and are good for skin and hair. In addition, the micro-algae can make valuable contributions to compensate for iron, magnesium, and vitamin B deficiency.

For the first two weeks, it is sufficient to consume half a teaspoon (approx. 5g) of powder every day. The daily dose can then be increased to 10g. Golden Chlorella protein powder can easily be mixed into any dish or drink in the specified amount.

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