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Light, nutritious meals for hot summer days

Many people tend to have a significantly smaller appetite during the summer, than in the winter months. This is mainly due to the heat, which causes the body to use less energy, so it can maintain our body temperature easily. As a result, we require less food and the feeling of hunger not as evident.

Not only do the needs of the body change during the hot months, leisure activities also change. Between beach days and summer parties, we are usually left with little time for regular meals. Coupled with the reduced feeling of hunger, we tend to eat too many snacks and not enough healthy meals.

Small snack do not necessarily mean anything bad, as you should always be listening to your body. Nevertheless, be aware that the snacks don’t contain too much salt and sugar, but do contain important vitamins and nutrients. For example, this can be a light, sweet or salty quark dish, or a fresh fruit salad. If you are adding golden chlorella to these healthy snacks, the body is supplied with sufficient protein, amino and omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium and vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B12.

Since the Golden Chlorella powder is tasteless, it can be integrated into any recipe. Many people like to eat hydrating, refreshing things in the summer, such as watermelon salad dressed with fresh mint, slightly fruity olive oil and feta. When choosing food, it pays to focus on seasonal products. These provide the body with everything it needs in summer.

Oatmeal with fruit is particularly good for breakfast. The oatmeal provides the body with sufficient energy, the fruit makes the muesli fresh and provides the body with vitamins. With the addition of Golden Chlorella, it also becomes a real protein bomb and keeps you full for longer. If it has to be quick but the protein requirement of the day is not yet covered, we prefer to reach for our protein pasta. It is quick to cook, tastes wonderful with pesto and is significantly more protein and nutritious than classic pasta.

You can find more inspiration for quick, easy summer dishes here. So feel free to take a look, there is something for every taste.

Listen to our co-founder Majbritt discuss more on this topic here.

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