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Natural and sustainable: food supplements from Alver

As food is becoming increasingly more (artificially) processed, we are often losing important nutrients. Therefore more and more people tend to turn to dietary supplements. These should provide us with all the important vitamins and minerals and thus counteract symptoms of deficiency. Unfortunately, the body usually cannot absorb them as desired and we come back to the original problem. This can be due to the fact that the food supplements are manufactured in a laboratory, which are mostly chemical and therefore less digestible for the body.

Dietary supplements should always be sustainable and natural in order to have the most positive influence on the health of the body. Alver has developed the “Golden Line” for this purpose, in which the microalgae golden chlorella plays the leading role.

Enriched with natural substances and vitamins, the “Golden Line”, currently with its three supplements is the ideal support for everyday life: “Golden Heart“, as the name already suggests, ensures that the cardiovascular system functions normally and mental health to be strengthened. Valerian root extract is used for this purpose, which ensures relaxation. “Golden Mobility” in turn supports the maintenance and development of cartilage and bones. This supplement contains calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamins D and C, as well as vitamin B12. With vitamin C, “Golden Immunity” ensures a healthy energy metabolism, strengthens the nervous system and the immune system.

In addition, all three supplements of the “Golden Line” are enriched with the microalgae golden chlorella. This is known to boost the immune system, promote brain development and health, help maintain bone density and vision, and is good for skin and hair. A dietary supplement that can do much more than just replenish the reserves

What is crucial to remember with supplements; A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, ideally without alcohol and tobacco consumption, are important. As the name suggests, the supplement is a supplement and not a substitute. People suffering from diseases should therefore first discuss any supplements with their treating physicians.

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