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Morning nutrient boost: Golden Digestion Shots

We believe that healthy, vitamin-rich nutrition should be simple, quick and practical. That is why we are always working to develop products that are easy to consume, easy to integrate into everyday life and that also contain many important nutrients and vitamins. That’s why we are big fans of liquid vitamin and nutrient boosters, so-called shots. The vitamin bombs are refreshing and provide us with the nutrients in just one sip. In addition, the small bottles are practical to take with you.

Because of all these benefits, we developed our own shot infused with Golden Chlorella: the Golden Digestion drink shot. In addition to ginger, we use golden chlorella and turmeric to offer the healthiest and most nutritious option possible. Turmeric is a medicinal plant and has been used in Ayurvedic cuisine for centuries to treat various diseases. Scientific studies also confirm, the anti-inflammatory and digestive effect of the root. A real all-rounder.

Turmeric and the golden chlorella microalgae give the shot its beautiful golden color and make it a real protein powerhouse: the combination of golden chlorella and turmeric has an anti-inflammatory effect, is easy to digest, and strengthens your intestinal flora and immune system. In addition, your metabolism is stimulated and your body is supplied with vitamins B3, B9 and C. The shot becomes a real digestion boost! Thanks to golden chlorella, it also covers a large part of your daily protein requirements and, thanks to the fibrous cell wall of the microalgae, contributes to the natural cleansing of your body.

Our recommendation: Drink the shot before breakfast. The ingredients, ginger and lemon, have a slightly spicy and sour taste- perfect to wake up your body and brain. It has an invigorating effect and is the right start to a powerful and good day!

Listen to our co-founder, Majbritt discuss more on this topic.

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