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A gift for those wanting to enter 2022 with a healthier lifestyle for both your body and our planet! 


Our Christmas bundle also includes a surprise from the Alver team. Can be delivered to you or as a gift- let us know in the comments of your order.



Not sure what to gift your closest ones this Christmas? Alver has you covered! How about a kickstart to a more sustainable and nutritious lifestyle.

Just because we like to indulge during Christmas doesn’t mean we have to skip on vital nutrients, vitamins, and more importantly protein!

With this bundle, you have an opportunity to live the Alver way from breakfast to dinner!

Our Almond and Fig protein bars will give you the extra kick in the morning or as a snack thanks to their protein content.

Then, you can add our Golden Chlorella® Superfood to your soup to have a complete and nutrient-packed lunch. You can basically add it almost in any recipe without changing either taste or texture! Superfood made easy!

Our Apple and Cinnamon Granola is perfect for transforming your Sunday breakfast into a high-protein meal without you noticing!

Finally, for dinner enjoy our High Protein Fusili with a delicious homemade sauce.