Golden Bean

19.50 CHF

Feel lighter with Golden Bean:

  • More than 80% plant protein
  • Reduce the need to snack
  • Zinc for a better immune system
  • Calcium for stronger bones
  • 200 gr packs

Mix to a smoothie, a sauce or even your muesli the morning, for lunch or dinner to feel fuller for longer and avoid snacking.

Ingredients: Mungbean Protein, fermented dry Golden Chlorella® Algae (2,4%)

For 100gr: Energy KJ; 1637, Kcal; 387, Fats; 5.0gr, whereof saturated fats ; 2.2 gr, Carbohydrates ; 2.4gr, whereof sugar ; 0.3gr, Proteins; 81gr, Fibres; 4.0gr, Salt ; 1.0gr.

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