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High Protein Gluten-Free Rigatoni 250g

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A unique combination of the high protein of the fava bean and our unique Golden Chlorella, to give you a pasta high in protein, gluten-free, and most of all tasty.

Made in Italy with only fava beans and our unique Golden Chlorella® – nothing more.

  • 25% protein
  • Gluten free
  • Organic certified
  • Nutrient rich


SKU ALVER02.001-1
Kind to the planet
Unique in the world


Our high protein superfood Rigatoni are exactly what YOU NEED to live a healthy life despite being busy!

We know, sometimes it has to go fast. But just like you, we didn’t want to give up neither health nor the pleasure of our true love, pasta. Those days are over with Alver’s Golden Chlorella® – take both!

You might wonder, what is so particular about this new pasta? After all, aren’t they just one more type of gluten-free pasta?

Well, no! What makes our Rigatoni UNIQUE is that they are made of organic broad beans (also known as fava beans) and our Golden Chlorella® – and that’s it! No nasty chemicals nor any mysterious E-number!

So in addition to being completely natural and organic, our Rigatoni are high in protein thanks to the fantastic benefits of fava beans and Golden Chlorella®.




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