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Snack Through The Week Bundle

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Profit from an advantageous discount of 26% off, combining both our delicious flavours Goji and Chocolate.
Alver High Protein Goji Bar
3 × Goji Protein Bar - Vegan

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Alver High Protein Chocolate Bar
4 × Chocolate Protein Bar - Vegan

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Pro-tip: Add a Golden Chlorella 100g to your purchase to get free shipping within Switzerland.

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Chocolate or Goji vegan protein bars? So tempting you can’t decide. Try our Snack Through The Week Bundle and discover how our protein bars can make your day more joyful and healthy.

Snacking has never been healthier than now! All our bars are enriched with our unique Golden Chlorella® superfood!

How your week could look like with our vegan protein bars! 🗓

Monday: A Goji bar for light breakfast to start the day

Tuesday: Up for a indulging yet healthy afternoon snack with the Chocolate bar

Wednesday: Reflueling after training (or shortly before) thanks to the the Goji bar

Thursday: Getting a little hunger on the road, satisfy it with the crunchiness of the chocolate bar

Friday: Zoom calls all day, get a small lunch break with the Goji bar. The seeds contained will keep you going in the afternoon

Saturday: Baking time with friends. Why not use the our healthy snack as base for a delicious plant based cake?

Sunday: Hiking and recharging in nature, with friends and family. Snacking on a chocolate bar