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Thinking about starting living the Alver Way but a bit lost about how to start? No problem! With this bundle we got you covered with this bundle that includes vegan proteins & more!

The perfect choice for someone that loves a healthy lifestyle, wants to increase protein intake, by enjoying sustainable plant-based nutrition with vegan proteins!

With this bundle, you will get to live the Alver Way from breakfast to dinner!

Our cranberries protein bars will give you the extra kick in the morning or as a snack thanks to their protein content.

Then, you can add our Golden Chlorella® Superfood to your soup to have a complete and nutrient-packed lunch. You can basically add it almost in any recipe without changing either taste or texture! Superfood made easy!

Golden Bean Protein Powder is perfect for transforming your Sunday morning pancakes into a high-protein meal without you noticing!

Finally, as a dinner, you can just cook the High Protein Gluten-Free Superfood Rigatoni with a sauce and some veggies.

Moreover, this bundle is naturally gluten-free!

Profit from an advantageous discount of 25% OFF, only CHF 39.-!
If you are taking Golden Chlorella® (or any microalgae such as spirulina) for the first time, we recommend reading this page first: cleansing

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