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Golden Pea Bio 200g

CHF 12,90


Feel stronger with Golden Pea:

  • 80% plant protein
  • Iron to reduce tiredness
  • Magnesium for muscle recovery
  • Balanced amino acid profile
  • 200 gr pack

Mix to a smoothie, a sauce, or even your muesli in the morning, for lunch or dinner to stay in shape or as a protein complement after training.

Ingredients: Organic Pea Protein Powder, fermented dry Golden Chlorella Algea (2.4%)

For 100gr: Energy KJ; 1728, Kcal; 409, Fats; 8.9gr, Whereof saturated fats;2.1 gr, Carbohydrates; 2.3gr, whereof sugar; 0.7gr, Proteins; 79gr, Fibres; 1.4gr, Salt; 2.5gr.

What to expect from Golden Pea Bio?

  • Taste: neutral, blends in seamlessly in all sweet and savory dishes
  • Consistency: A fine powder, similar to a fine flour. With slightly more structure than our Golden Chlorella powder.
  • NEW: our Golden Pea is now enriched with our unique Golden Chlorella® to give you even more nutrients to get stronger day after day!

How to use it? 



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