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Small changes towards a sustainable life

It is important for us to take responsibility and leave our planet in such a way that future generations can still live on it. We therefore aim to ensure that things are used over the long term, without overusing or exploiting them. We stand for sustainable action, which for us goes hand in hand with responsibility, but also passion, discovery and great commitment.

The goal of our company is to make a contribution to the nutrition and well-being of the world population with our product. To achieve this, we spent a long time researching an alternative, sustainable protein source and finally came across microalgae, specifically Golden Chlorella. Microalgae are resource-saving in and of themselves, making them one of the most sustainable sources of protein on the market (read more about this here). Having the product is one thing, processing it with pleasure and bringing it to market is another.

Therefore, it is important to Alver that the entire production process of our product is sustainable – both the cultivation of the microalgae, the processing into high-quality products and the supply chain. For this reason we have a production in Switzerland and the Netherlands, keeping the transport distances as short as possible. Production in Europe also has the advantage that strict nature conservation requirements apply to cultivation. However, dealing with the issue of sustainability does not stop at our company. Even at home, everyone in our team tries to live as sustainably as possible. It wasn’t easy for everyone at first, so we’ve put together a few simple tips that we’d like to share with you.

Basically, it’s not about turning your whole life upside down from now on. It’s about small steps that gradually lead to more sustainability in everyday life. We therefore recommend two principles to you:

  1. Use things for as long as possible, when buying new products, pay attention to longevity. Because the less we buy, the less has to be produced and thrown away.
  2. Prudent action in the household starts with saving water. When rinsing off, several liters of water can be saved simply by using a drain plug. The cooking water from pasta does not have to be thrown away: it can be used easily as flower water. The repair of the dripping faucet is done quickly, saves a lot of water and also protects the wallet. Things that run out or break can simply be replaced with the more durable version.
  3. All cleaning agents, for example, are now also available in an environmentally friendly way, i.e. without harmful ingredients and in recycled packaging or as a refill. Clear film can be replaced with reusable beeswax wraps. Fruit and vegetables can be bought from many retailers without plastic or outer packaging. Single-use products are gradually being replaced or eliminated altogether.

It is clear to us that such a change in everyday life can only succeed if it is fun and you do not have to do without things or radically change habits. Sustainability is a process. It’s not about being perfect, but about getting creative again and again and enjoying looking for and finding alternatives. This is exactly what we would like to encourage you to do and show you what is possible. If more and more people make small changes in everyday life and become aware of their behavior, this will have a positive effect in the long term.

Hear more on the topic from our CEO Mine Uran here

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