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All-round well-being: Algae powder for spring cleaning 

Many like the idea of an inner spring cleaning following the winter – a kind of deep cleanse from the inside. More exercise, fresh air, and more outdoor activities are increasingly shaping everyday life and ensuring that your body is supplied with sufficient sunlight again. This stimulates the production of serotonin, vitamin D, and other substances and gives the body enough energy to cleanse itself, starting from the inside. The body is the most important home of a person, so we should make sure we support it appropriately with spring cleaning, actively contributing to our well-being. In addition, the body becomes more resistant to diseases and generally more powerful and robust. Golden Chlorella supports the inner spring cleaning and ensures that the body is optimally prepared for the summer on two levels:

1. The microalgae absorbs toxins

Golden Chlorella is a single cell surrounded by a thick fibrous cell wall. Pollutants – such as heavy metals from the consumption of fish and meat, pesticide residues on food, or pollutants that get into the body through air pollution – can “hang”, so to speak in this cell wall. As a result, they are bundled and can be excreted more easily.

2. Prevention of fatty degeneration of the arteries

A fatty deposit in the arteries can lead to calcification, which in the worst case can lead to a heart attack. This can be counteracted with Golden Chlorella. Because the antioxidants carotenoids, lutein, and zeaxanthin contained in the algae can prevent the deposit of fat cells in the vessels. This ensures a generally fitter body and fewer health problems in old age.

In addition to the cleansing effect, Golden Chlorella contains many other good substances, such as protein or omega 3, which the body can use in very different ways (read more about this here). The intake is worth twice as much!

To slowly get the body used to the microalgae, it is recommended to start with just half a teaspoon (5 grams) of Golden Chlorella per day. When your metabolism becomes accustomed to it, more powder can be processed and consumed. This normally happens after about two weeks, after which the dose can be increased to one teaspoon per day. This is the maximum daily dose that should not be exceeded due to the high dosage of certain vitamins and nutrients.

Our Golden Chlorella powder is ideal for people who are yet to consume any nutritional supplements: it has a neutral taste and can be added to any meal or drink. To carry out “spring cleaning” successfully, you should not additionally burden the body with other harmful substances such as nicotine or alcohol during this time.

A healthy and balanced diet also supports the process of cleansing from the inside out. Especially in spring, you can experiment with fresh vegetables that are in season and come straight from the field to your plate: So grab the lettuce, rocket, radishes, and so on! Some inspiration? We at Alver have many recipes – there is something for everyone

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