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Take part in Veganuary!

Do you have good resolutions for the New Year? Here’s another suggestion: consume fewer animal products. It is good for you and our planet. As more and more people begin to understand this, the population begins to consume less meat. As of November 2021, according to the latest study results, around 0.6% of the population in Switzerland are vegan and around 4.1% are vegetarian. Now, even if that doesn’t sound like a lot at first, the number of vegans has doubled in 2021. Another 20.5% forego meat frequently – so-called “flexitarians”. When combined, around a quarter of the Swiss population mainly or exclusively eats vegetarian or vegan. Even if the numbers on the prevalence of these lifestyles vary depending on the study and criteria, Switzerland stands out from other European countries with its high rate of vegetarian diets.

Campaigns from nonprofits like Veganuary are fueling this trend. Veganuary was founded by individuals in the UK in 2014 and has since been encouraging people around the world to adopt a vegan diet during January, and beyond. During the 2021 campaign, people from over 200 countries took part. A nice side effect for all friends of the meat-free diet: As part of the campaign, a total of more than 825 new vegan products and menu options were introduced in numerous countries.

Numerous companies also take part in the campaign. By working with brands, restaurants, and supermarkets, Veganuary aims to bring about change and invite even more consumers to discover the benefits of a plant-based diet. The mission is to create a global mass movement that advocates a diet that also has animal welfare in mind. The aim: to end unnatural factory farming, protect the planet and improve people’s health.

At Alver, we share this mission 100%. That’s why we’re taking part in Veganuary again this year: Part of the Alver team faces the challenge of living vegan for 31 days, while other colleagues give their usual flexitarian diet a boost by avoiding meat more often. Our diverse products with numerous vitamins and nutrients as well as vegetable proteins from microalgae, which vegans and vegetarians need for a balanced diet, help. In keeping with the Veganuary, you will receive a 20 percent discount on all products in our shop throughout January with “Veganuary22”.

As an inspiration, we also regularly prepare delicious vegan recipes for you on our microsite. Have we aroused your interest or are you already taking part in Veganuary? Let us know in the comments.

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