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The perfect gift – from nature for your health

You think Christmas is great, but once again have no ideas for gifts? Then simply give away things that are sustainable, healthy, or both. Everyone can use them, they fit perfectly into the Christmas season and are always well-received.

Since the ecologically sensible banning of plastic bags from supermarkets and other stores, one occasionally misses a carrier for groceries during spontaneous shopping trips. So why not give a tote or canvas bag as a gift to be prepared just in case? It’s as practical as it is sustainable – and when the bag comes into use, the person receiving the gift will be happy to remember you as a rescuer in an emergency.

Sustainability in the kitchen The perfect gift – from nature for your health

There is also less and less plastic in the kitchen. For example, those who like to enjoy milk or juice through a drinking straw have been dependent on paper straws for some time. But these are also disposable items that pollute the environment. It is better to resort to drinking straws made of glass or metal. Such drinking straws are environmentally friendly, practical, and associated with enjoyment – the ideal gift for Christmas.

Combining pleasure with health is the best approach for a great Christmas gift. This works great when you consider foods made from algae, such as Golden Chlorella powder. This superfood made from microalgae complements the nutritional value of any food, is good for the heart and strengthens the circulatory system. This is because microalgae help prevent circulatory diseases such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels. In addition, they absorb toxic heavy metals that often enter our bodies through the consumption of fish and meat. 

Offer health as a gift

Microalgae are good for everyone. Especially diet-conscious people who focus on a protein-rich healthy diet, which find exactly what they are looking for with Alver. Algae are ideal for a vegan and vegetarian diet because their high protein content makes them a rich source of nutrients for modern people who want to avoid animal protein. Microalgae naturally contain about 50 percent protein.

Gifts that always fit

Among the foods made from algae, there is a gift for everyone. Health-promoting protein-rich foods based on algae can accompany us throughout the day: Gluten-free Granola Muesli for breakfast, High Protein Pasta for lunch, and an Alver Protein Bar (Almond or Cranberries) for a snack. Athletes who do intense muscle-loading workouts will especially benefit from the high protein content of Golden Chlorella Algae Powder. Depending on the size of your gift, it is available in 100-gram or 250-gram packs – or in a convenient shaker.

For those who like to experiment, the Super Protein Bundle is just right. And if you want to support the immune system, heart and circulation, digestion, or mobility of your loved ones, why not give the Alver capsules as a gift – all based on the multi-talent Golden Chlorella and other natural, purely plant-based active ingredients?

So don’t start thinking again about which socks, book, or fragrance to give as a gift. Opt for something special and healthy. You can find inspiration in our store.

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